Books at the Brewery  2020

A series of literary events held in partnership with the Shedshaker Brewing Company.

Join us for a beer, wine or cider (or two) and pizza while listening to some of Australia's finest writers for both adults and children.



November 3rd 2020

As we start the countdown to Christmas in a slightly more COVID-relaxed environment, the Shedshaker team and Northern Books are absolutely delighted to bring you a Books at the Brewery feast to kick off the season in style.

This will be a true celebration of the amazing book creatives that we have on our doorstep; all with new books to introduce you to and wonderful stories to tell.

They will be in conversation with three fine interlocuters who just happen to be friends of the Books at the Brewery series – in so many ways we are BACK!

Here’s how it looks, and like any festival, we ask that you book your tickets for EACH INDIVIDUAL SESSION that you’d like to attend.


3 30pm                 Lorena Carrington in conversation with Wendy Morton

                                BOOK HERE

5 00pm                 Adrian Tame in conversation with Derek Guille

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6 30pm                 Mary Fairburn in conversation with Rebecca Rose and The Taproom's Doug Falconer

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Please note that each session will be run under STRICT COVID-friendly regulations and capacity is limited accordingly.

We have allocated a 45-minute interval between each session to allow for book signings, book browsing and refreshments.



Lorena Carrington

Lorena Carrington is a photographic artist and book illustrator based in regional Victoria. She is published in Australia with Serenity Press, and internationally with Kane Miller (US) and Wydawnictwo Tadam (Poland). Her books include the Long Lost Fairy Tales Collection with Kate Forsyth and French Fairy Tales with Sophie Masson. Lorena exhibits regularly in galleries including the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in Melbourne, Grace Cossington Smith Gallery in Sydney and The Art Vault in Mildura. She presents at literary and arts festivals around Australia, and visits schools and libraries to give talks and hold workshops on illustration, books and story. She is the recipient of the 2020 Australian Fairy Tale Society award, for her “outstanding contribution to the field of Australian Fairy Tales.”

Lorena will be chatting in with Wendy Morton about her latest book, French Fairy Tales, written by Sophie Masson.

‘The book is a collection of five French fairy tales which I’ve chosen, translated and retold. Each means something special to me, and they come from different parts of France, including those where my family originates. Some are stories that have never been translated into English before, and some you might think you know well but which in these entirely newly translated and retold versions will, I think, surprise, and hopefully, delight you!’ Sophie Masson, author.






Adrian Tame

Adrian Tame has worked as a writer, journalist and broadcaster in Australia, the UK, North America and Mexico. He worked for Truth newspaper for thirteen years as a reporter and news editor. He is the author of The Matriarch, a biography of ‘Granny Evil’ Kathy Pettingill, Deadlier than the Male and co-author with F.P.J. Robotham, of Maralinga: British A-bomb, Australian Legacy. He lives in Maldon, Victoria.

Adrian will be talking to Derek Guille about his latest book, The Awful Truth:

Before Fake News, there was the real Fake News. There was Truth. 

Hailed as ‘a fearless exposer of folly, vice and crime’ when it first hit the streets in the 1890s, Truth was later condemned by a High Court Judge as ‘a wretched little paper, reeking of filth, injurious to the health of house servants and young girls’. Much later it earned the nickname ‘The Old Whore of La Trobe Street’. Truth was called many things but it was never boring.

Adrian Tame knows that better than anyone as he worked for Truth for more than a decade as a reporter and news editor. In the years it was owned by the Murdoch family he worked alongside young Rupert as he cut his teeth on the shock horror scandals that graced the pages of Truth when it was selling a whopping 400,000 copies a week.

Funny, often outrageous and always thoroughly entertaining, The Awful Truth is a rollercoaster ride through an colourful era of newspapers and larger-than-life reporters that we will never see the like of again.







Mary Fairburn

Borne on the Wind is the compelling autobiography of English artist Mary Fairburn. Mary has led an extraordinary life: from camping with lions in the Serengeti to volunteering at Mother Teresa’s ‘Home for the destitute and dying’ in Kolkata..
Although marked by the disruptions of war, Mary Fairburn’s early life was a magical time, immersed in art, friendships and the landscape of southern England. She was inspired creatively and spiritually by myth and story, particularly by the English fantasy tradition of C.S Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, which eventually led her to illustrate The Lord of the Rings.
Tolkien himself was very impressed by Mary’s work: ‘I think the samples you sent me are splendid. They are better pictures in themselves and also show far more attention to the text than any that have yet been submitted to me.’ (Letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Mary Fairburn, 24th May, 1968.) An exchange of letters ensued (between Mary Fairburn and J.R.R. Tolkien) but unfortunately – due to a series of misadventures – they were not published until 2014, in Tolkien: The Official Calendar 2015 by Harper Collins.
Borne on the Wind features descriptions of Mary’s many and varied occupations, which serve as an historical snapshot from the perspective of an independent, creative woman. 


About the author

Mary Fairburn was born in London in 1933. She studied fine art and education at the Winchester School of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Mary travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, always with her sketchbook in hand, creating art along the way. Her artwork is passionate and evocative, often delving into the mystical realm. Mary Fairburn's artwork has been exhibited in Winchester, Amantea (Italy), Melbourne and Castlemaine. She now lives in Castlemaine, Australia.

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