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Jon Faine and Derek Guille
RACV Club - 6PM Wednesday 25th


REFUGIUM - A Reconciliation Week event with Nalderun


Join us for a screening of this provocative and  award winning short film by Jen Rae in collaboration with Claire G Coleman and followed by a QnA session with both artists. 

Claire will be signing books on the night and a percentage of sales will be donated to Nalderun to support this event. 


Date:               30 May 2022

Venue:            Phee Broadway Theatre

                        212 Barker Street, Castlemaine 3450

Time:              5 30 - 6 30pm 

Cost:                $10



It’s 2042 and Claire is past her use-by date. She knows apocalypse and doesn’t want another groundhog day.

Refugium is a short film of speculative fiction in the climate emergency context, by artist-researcher Jen Rae (Métis) and author Claire G. Coleman (Noongar). Centred on First Nations knowledge and protocols, Refugium hacks time and compounding existential crises, delves into moral dilemmas of life and death and hones in on child-centered trauma prevention and intergenerational justice in the coming collapse. What are the conversations that we aren’t having now that might aid us, our loved ones and our future ancestors? What are the skills and knowledges at the thresholds of being forever lost, overlooked or undervalued that our future generations may need for survival? What are we willing to give up and/or fight for in the greatest challenge facing humanity?

This view from the future is a final call to act – to imagine and create a world that should have been - prior to colonial disruption.

A winner of the Incinerator Art Award 2021: Art for Social Change

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Tuesday 5th, 2022:
Books at the Brewery: Chloe Hooper 

Both memoir and manual, Bedtime Story is stunningly illustrated by the New York Times award-winning Anna Walker. In an age of worldwide uncertainty, here is a profound and moving exploration of the dark and light of storytelling.

Tuesday 19th, 2022:
In Conversation: Yassmin Abdel-Magied with Tasneem Chopra
A Northern Books Online Event. 

With her trademark optimism, sass, boldness and search for answers, across a collection of new and revisited essays, Yassmin Abdel-Magied explores resistance, transformation, and revolution.

Wednesday 27th, 2022:
Books at the Brewery: Gregory Day in conversation with Robyn Annear

Gregory Day has written a collection of beautiful and moving essays on the wonder of the natural world and the cultural complexities of writing landscape in Australia. A timely and topical conversation...






Wednesday 10th, 2022
Books at the Brewery: Vicki Petraitis

Vicki Petraitis is the 2022 winner of the Allen & Unwin Crime Fiction Prize with her story, The Unbelievable and we are very much looking forward to chatting with her about all things true crime as well as her award winning debut book. 

Books in Spring: A Northern Books literature festival for readers and writers. 
We're very close to confirming dates for this inaugural event.
Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new instalment on our literary calendar!