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A moving and inspiring memoir of a young man and his journey from Ballarat, Australia, to the international stage where he and his partner Luis Moreno, produced showstopping Moulin Rouge and Las Vegas style extravaganzas in big cities, mixed with stars of the stage and screen and travelled the world in what could only be described as a tour de force.T L W Robb delivers a warm, honest and fascinating story of a bygone era in show business and reflects on how it was to grow up as a gay man in Australia in the second half of the twentieth Century. At its heart, this is a love story - you’ll laugh, cry and simply won’t want to miss a word.

From the Top

SKU: 9780645892604
  • A magnificent, astonishing, moving, and vivid account of a life that transforms from the bleak misery of 1950s orphanages into the glittering universe of top-level entertainment. - Carmel Bird

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