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Books at the Brewery - Jane Cafarella

Former journalist for The Age and critically acclaimed Australian playwright and cartoonist, Jane Cafarella has written her memoir, Cleaved with great compassion and good humour.

Cleaved is a story of coping with difference; of identity, family, and belonging.
It is Jane’s story of growing up with Milroy’s disease, a rare form of the incurable swelling disease lymphoedema, and how she came to be estranged from her family of origin for most of her adult life.


Brutally honest and often quite raw, Jane's familiar voice shines through; at its core this memoir is a beautifully crafted story of survival in a world of challenges and hard knocks.

Jane will be on conversation with Alisoun Downing

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‘I just finished it. I’m in bits. Such a beautiful story. Forgiveness, the connections, devoid of sentimentality, yet the humanity – the flawed humans – have touched me. Thank you for a great read!’ Susie Penrice Tyrie, Singapore 



What a story! - I particularly love its raw, unaffected, even self-deprecating honesty (and wry humour too!)… So powerfully brave, Jane.

 - Alisoun Downing, Castlemaine, Victoria


Well, I devoured CLEAVED last Thursday night.

You rendered your tough early life with beautiful detail and without descending into self-pity.

I would be very happy to recommend CLEAVED to friends and colleagues.  

 - Teresa Dickinson, Canberra


I love it and I’m a fast reader, but I have been rationing myself as I don’t want to finish it.

You have a lovely way of telling a story, just like a friend.

 - Robyne Tresidder, Castlemaine, Victoria

Date:     Wednesday July 31  2024 

Time:     6 00pm for a 6 30pm start and  8 00pm finish (including signing) 

Venue:   Shedshaker Brewery, 9 Walker Street, Castlemaine 3450

Cost:      $15

By proceeding to purchase tickets using the button below you accept the Northern Books general terms and conditions

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