Servicing and supporting your BOOK CLUB


  • Each month we will select four books for your BOOK CLUB to choose from.

  • Your chosen books will be supplied at 20% discount (plus postage of $9.99^)

  • The titles selected will be recently published and where possible will come with READING NOTES to use as a guide for discussion.

  • We will always include Australian books by Australian authors as part of the selection and if we can, we’ll pursue the opportunity for your group to ‘book a 15 minute’ QnA with the author via ZOOM*. Note that Northern Books will make these arrangements for you


*Australian authors only, and subject to availability

^Book Clubs in the Castlemaine region (within 30Km) will be home delivered free

MARCH 2021

  1. Hold your Fire- Chloe Wilson

  2. Grace Under Pressure – Tori Haschika

  3. Klara and the Sun - Kazuo Ishiguro

  4. The Family Doctor – Debra Oswald


Please contact us to join our BOOK CLUB so that we can pass on the discount code, investigate an author visit and email you reading notes if they’re available.