A subscription-based event for book lovers

If you enjoy:

  • book and author recommendations from like-minded readers

  • interesting discussion around books and writers

  • hearing from authors, in particular new authors


Then our Book CHAT Club is for you!


Join us on the first Monday in March, May, July, September and November to hear about three new recommended books from Kristin, shared recommendations from other subscribers and finish off the hour with a chat from our author of the month.

VENUE:                ONLINE (via Zoom)

TIME:                    8 00pm – 9 00pm

DATE:                   First Monday of the Month – March, May, July, September and November

COST:                   $16 per session when you book all five sessions

                              $20 per session when you attend a single session.

BONUS:                20% discount on the guest author’s book.

BOOKING DETAILS for full subscription is HERE

BOOKING DETAILS for individual sessions in 2021 are MARCH MAY JULY SEPTEMBER and NOVEMBER


Here’s how it works:

8 00pm                Welcome and Review of three new books from Kristin including questions or comments                               from participants

8 20pm                Over to you. What have you been reading that you’d recommend to the group?

                             (NB this is optional – you may prefer to just listen, we get that!)

8 35pm                Our guest author in conversation

8 50pm                QnA with the guest author and the group.



Monday March 1st

A bit about our March guest author

Susan Johnson:

Susan Johnson has been writing books since 1985, when she received the first of three grants from the Literature Board of the Australia Council which allowed her to write full time. Before that she was a journalist (starting at the Brisbane Courier-Mail and going on to work for such diverse publications as The Australian Women's Weekly, The Sun-Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald and The National Times).

She's written ten books: eight novels; a memoir, A Better Woman; and a non-fiction book, an essay, On Beauty, published by Melbourne University Press. Several of her books have been published in the UK, the US, and in European translation. Her most recent book, and the book she will be chatting to us about, is From Where I Fell.

Susan has lived in the UK, France and Greece, but returned to Brisbane, Australia, in 2010. In 2019 she took off again to live on the Greek island of Kythera with her 85-year-old mother, Barbara and a memoir about that adventure is forthcoming.


A bit about Susan’s new book, From Where I Fell:

An anguished email from Pamela Robinson in Australia to her ex-husband in Paris accidentally ends up in the inbox of New York State teacher Chrisanthi Woods. Chrisanthi is sympathetic to Pamela's struggles and the women begin to tell each other the stories and secrets of their lives.

Pamela, responsible for raising her three sons, must re-invent the meaning of home following her divorce, and Chrisanthi, her dreams long dampened, must find home by leaving it. Temperamental opposites, their emails turn into an exhilarating and provocative exchange of love, loss and fresh beginnings, by turns amusing, frank and confronting.


'Two deep, bright, razor-sharp women at opposite ends of the earth tearing the band-aids off their souls, exposing truths and lies buried beneath marriage, motherhood and the sacrificial siege of mid-to-late-life maintenance. This is Susan Johnson at her most original, daring, bone-deep and deliciously raw. I fell, too, with aching heart and tickled rib, under the spell of this extraordinary book.' TRENT DALTON

'In a strikingly original reimagining of an epistolary novel, Susan Johnson creates two voices that echo and reverberate long after the final, heart-wrenching pages. Her best yet.' GERALDINE BROOKS

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